How the Pocket Chair Saves Space While Keeping You Comfy

How the Pocket Chair Saves Space While Keeping You Comfy

How many times have you found yourself at an event where you stand all day and your feet are killing you? No chair in sight. No place to rest your tired legs. For times like these, the swimsuit is the best invention then sliced ​​bread. This allows you to take relief without the need to swap around a heavy, cumbersome folding chair. This not only saves space but also keeps you comfortable.

The chair is the only chair you can take anywhere with you, because it folds up and fits right in your pocket. Yes, its hard to believe, but this comfortable type of feces is actually folded into an incredibly small flat rectangle that easily fits your pocket or purse. Throw one into your glove compartment, gym or golf bag, your roof rack or toolbox for the just in case situations when you need to sit. With the compact design of the flashlight, there is no excuse for not having a handy all the time.

But easy folding and bearing aside, when you first see an object like the flashlight, your first reaction is skepticism. How can a chair that is so small that folds up to fit the pocket, actually be robust enough to hold a small child? The answer lies in quality materials, quality design and quality building. This rugless chair is made of polyester and lightweight but durable, and has a soft and comfortable seat and can hold up to 250 lbs thanks to its double rotation system. This means that the pocket linen is perfect for almost everyone, big, small or between.

Here are some amazing situations where the pocket linen would be perfect

Christmas shopping

Its a christmas time and you spent just four hours in the mall that held you for gifts for your family. You have walked what seems like miles and found everything you needed but you get to the registry and the line is a mile long. Youre tired, hungry and annoyed and the line is just crawling ever as slowly as two of the treasurers have decided to go for a break. This would be a great opportunity to relax on your flashlight.

The golf course

There is no golf car or caddy and walk between holes with your clubs feels like you are pulling elephants through the savannah through their socks. While your golf mate in the heat, turn out your reliable flashlight. Soon you win the golf round and the others are fixed and pay the margarita exchange back at the clubhouse.

The beach with the kids

Taking the kids to the beach often feels like transporting the whole house for a few hours fun in the sun. You are wearing towels and sunscreen. Then there is cooler with sandwiches and drinks. Then you have beach toys and radio because your need makes you old school style. Already loaded as a packmule, there is no way you carry traditional bulky beach chairs on the mile long ride from the parking lot to the sand. Instead, you release a pair of practical pockets in your beach bag and you get a sand free stool to sit on while watching the kids who do not carry anything in the sand.


Avid gardener knows tow planting, weeding and grooming can put on their knees, back and arms. Bending or bending over extended periods can leave you painful and twisted, making something that you once had to do with just another housework. Fortunately, the flashlight can help with relieving. Due to its low to ground design, you can sit comfortably and still be within the reach of the arms for both fields and potted plants. The footbed is a great solution to help keep you and your hydrangeas together throughout the summer.

If these scenarios do not convince you that the flashlight is a worthwhile purchase, maybe next time you get stuck at the Institute for Motor Vehicles, you will reconsider. When you do, you will be glad to know that when you buy this handy item you will get a set of two chairs plus a bag for each for easy storage.

Compact, comfortable and robust, the flashlight is an excellent space saving product that can help make uncomfortable situations a bit more bearable. Choose a day today and take a load for a while Your body will thank for it.

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